Holiday Home Stars – Why I’m Doing This

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Hello My name’s Michael Harper and welcome to another edition of Holiday Home Stars Web TV.

Now today’s video is a very important one to me because I want to explain to you in just a couple of minutes WHY Holiday Home Stars exists; why I’m doing this.

You see, when I was a child, I had many really happy holidays, family holidays in cottages in Wales, and they left such an indelible imprint on my memory – such great, happy memories, you know? – that I wanted to form Holiday Home Stars and provide services to holiday home owners so that they in turn can do what they need to do in order for their guests to have some of those fantastic holidays just like I had when I was a child.

“they start to think of it
as their own
special holiday place”

Now whether the individual services that we do now accomplish that or not, you can be the judge. We can provide you with a video for example, I can interview you, you can tell me why you fell in love with the holiday property that you’ve got at the moment, what attracted you to it, why it’s the sort of place that your guests might well be able to enjoy a magical holiday, and the photos that we provide are also about capturing the very essence of your property, and helping people to visualise themselves there, helping people to anticipate a fantastic holiday there, and this is a great start for when they arrive.

And also we can provide you with an internet CCTV camera, just for a few pounds a month, and you can place it so that your guests, past and future, can see the view from your holiday property. So this gets them to really fall in love with the place, and they start to think of it as their own special holiday place and it all helps to add to the magic, to the experience.

And of course from your point of view, there are tremendous benefits, obviously. People – if they feel like that about your place – they’re going to come back for holidays each year and that’s going to help you.

Now because I want to make this really work, I’m interested in what you think; I’m interested in your views as holiday home owners so that I can really provide the services that you need, to help your guests have a really great time, so I’m really open to suggestions and feedback and all of that, because I want to make this as good as it can be so that your guests have the best possible holidays when they come to visit.

OK well that was my message for today. Please DO get in touch with me if you have ideas, feedback, suggestions, or of course if I can help you with some of the services that we provide.

Thanks very much. My name’s Michael Harper; this is Holiday Home Stars Web TV; please join me again soon.

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