Holiday Home Stars Web TV is Launched!

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Holiday home owners – we can produce a CRACKING video to bring the best out of your holiday let and make those prospective guests press that button to book – and your video will feature FREE of charge on our brand new Holiday Home Stars Web TV channel!  See: Video Creation Service


We Can Make Your Holiday Home Video

(Video Transcript):

Hello my name’s Michael Harper. Welcome to Holiday Home Stars Web TV!

Now some of you will already know that we are in the business of making holiday home ownership a happier experience for owners, and one step further from that, we hope very much that the people who come and stay and enjoy holidays in those holiday homes have a great time too as a result of your efforts and using our services, that’s what we’re all about.

Now, we do this through branding services and digital services, but today in particular I want to talk about our video creation service, because we can produce for you a SUPERB holiday home video, and I’m not just talking about the sort of thing you maybe get from an estate agent (?!) where the camera goes from room to room and shows all of the nooks and crannies and the bits that you’d rather people didn’t see and all of that…

I’m talking about the kind of video that is really going to bring out the story of your holiday property; really capture the identity of that home and express that in such a way that potential guests will see the video and will be inspired to make that booking there and then. That’s what we’re talking about here.

Now, anybody who’s been on the internet lately will know the power of video. There’s a website, which is one of the most popular websites in the world now and there are millions and millions of videos on that site which gives you some understanding of the massive importance of video as a marketing tool, and we can help you use that tool to the very best of its advantage, we really can.

One of the things I quite like to do, for example, is to sit down and carry out an interview with the holiday home owner. So with you as owner, I will have a chat with you – a bit like Michael Parkinson only not quite as handsome – and we will bring out the story of your holiday home. So, you’ll be able to tell me what attracted you to the property; why you bought it; why you like to invite guests into your home and what makes the place so really special, you know, what makes the area really special. So we’ll be able to get that across to your potential guests.

As you can imagine, most people who own holiday homes don’t do this yet – they don’t “get it” yet, and that is a great opportunity because if you get a video NOW, it will put you way ahead of the competition because let’s face it, a lot of your competition, they haven’t even got a decent set of photos yet, never mind video, so imagine the power of this as a marketing tool.

Now, the reason I’m making this video, right now today, is because we have just launched our own Web TV channel, Holiday Home Stars Web TV. It’s a great channel, it’s going to feature all kinds of information for holiday home owners and guests, but more than that, if you come to us for your holiday home video, your property will feature on our Web TV channel, and this is all included in the price, we don’t charge anything extra for this – it’s something no-one else is doing, so this is something that really can give you that huge boost and get you some more bookings right now.

So, please do come to the website,, go to the video page, find out what we’re all about, and then, if you want to be featured on Holiday Home Stars Web TV, if you want to really boost your bookings, then please do contact me now, because we haven’t got a huge number of slots on the TV channel; as you can imagine, it’s a limited resource, so if you want to get on there, then now is the time to do it.

OK thanks for watching, my name’s Michael Harper from Holiday Home Stars Web TV and I hope you’ll join me again soon.


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