Holiday Cottage Internet CCTV

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Which is easier to get – a new guest or a repeat guest?

The answer, of course, is a repeat guest. They know your property, the area, and what a great time they had on their last holiday. You don’t have to “sell” the place to them – they are already on your side.

But there’s a problem.

Imagine the scene. A man and woman discuss where to go for a spring break. They remember their stay in your beautiful cottage. But they also remember their other trips and holidays.

A bit like in the X-Factor, your cottage is in a line-up with their weekend in Barcelona, their trip to the Highlands and their city break in York. Which holiday will go through to the next round – in this case the Booking Stage?!

In this scenario, your cottage needs to be implanted firmly in the minds of these past guests if you are going to be in with a chance of getting that booking.  They need to feel as if they “belong there”, as if it’s “their place”, the place they go when they want a bit of escapism. They need to be able to “see” themselves sipping a glass of wine, sitting on that seat in the garden of your place in the sun.

So how do you make sure that your holiday home stays fresh in the minds of your past guests, to maximise repeat bookings?

Well, there are several ways, but I want to share with you a really special way of bringing your cottage to the forefront of your guests’ minds when they are making that holiday decision.  It’s something different; something for the 21st century; something that WORKS.

Holiday Home Internet CCTV Camera

A Typical Holiday Home Stars internet CCTV camera for your holiday home :-)

With our little holiday cottage internet CCTV system, your guests can take a look at the view from your holiday home, over the internet, live, any time they like. Imagine, they are about to decide whether to book your cottage or a trip to Barcelona – and in an instant they can go to your web page and remind themselves of how fantastic it was to “be” at your place; and how it actually is, right now.

Now you might think, “What if it’s raining?” or “It’s winter, there are no flowers”, but actually we find that it’s the true reality check that people want –they know it’s winter and don’t expect roses and geraniums – it’s not about that, it’s about seeing the real place, there and then when they come to book – it’s extremely reassuring – it’s about maintaining that trust you have built up.  Unlike the unknown foreign hotel, your place is there, known, loved, and they can see it right now in front of them, as it is at this moment.

What we find is that people will be looking in on your cottage not just at the time of booking to get that last-minute reassurance, but also during the rest of the year – they’ll show it to their family and friends, they’ll take a quick look while having a hard day at work – and is this how you get people to join your “holiday cottage tribe”, so that when it comes to booking, they may take another quick peek at the place and then it’s off to that booking form!

For just a few pounds a month, you too can have a live holiday cottage internet CCTV camera. You could have it pointing out at the view, for example, capturing the very essence of the place – a panorama over the fields, sea, woodland, sweeping driveway, rooftops – each cottage is different and we can help you choose the right angle without invading the privacy of current guests.

Another option is not to fix the camera permanently, but to locate it temporarily, during those weeks when your property in not occupied. When you put the camera in place, you can use this “news” as a reason to contact your past guests by email to alert them to the fact that your cottage CCTV camera is “now on air”! Of course, you can also use that email to mention a special offer or other enticement – it’s all about reminding your past guests that you are there, ready and eager to welcome them back.

However you choose to do it, having an internet CCTV camera for your holiday home is a great way to get your guests involved, keep them in your “tribe” – and keep them coming back for more!

Please check out the following link for current offers on our holiday cottage CCTV package:

Or, of course, you can call me, Michael Harper, any time – the number is top-right.

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