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Get Your Guests’ Shoes On!

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holidayhomestars Guests ShoesTip for the day. Get your guests’ shoes on! Seriously, as a holiday home owner, you need to constantly put yourselves in your guests’ shoes, experience YOUR holiday let as THEY experience it, with fresh eyes, as if for the first time. What’s your first impression as you drive up? Is it easy to park and get to the door? What about in the dark? What can you SMELL when you first walk in? How quickly can you find the kettle, tea, coffee, milk and sugar?

It may be worth actually spending the night in your accommodation, to really get into guest mode. You will find out if it is too warm or cold, if the bed linen, pillows and mattress are up to scratch, if there are strange noises to keep you awake.

All of this will help your guests to enjoy their stay, and hopefully return again.

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Holiday Home Versus Hotel – Part 1: Reception

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Dear holiday home owner,

Have you ever been on a hotel holiday?

It goes a bit like this, doesn’t it:

Tired, you approach the hotel by car, have to park temporarily at the drop-off point, unload everything and then one of you has to drive the car to a cramped underground car park somewhere – either that or find a space on the street and wonder if the car will be there in the morning!

“All you want to do is sit down
with a relaxing drink and
start your effing holiday!”

Then, once you have managed to find your way back to reception you have to go through the little ritual of paperwork, keys and being nice to someone when all you want to do is sit down with a relaxing drink and start your effing holiday!

As for the hotel receptionist – let’s say a young man earning a little over the minimum wage, aware that if it doesn’t work out, he can probably get a similar job without too much trouble. Does he REALLY care about his guests’ happiness? Well, in my experience, he may well do – there are a lot of excellent hotel receptionists who give far more than their employers deserve, because basically they love what they do. It’s not that he doesn’t care. It’s just that you’re TIRED. You don’t WANT to be at that desk at that time, talking to ANYONE let alone filling in forms and answering an endless list of questions.

“You may encounter a receptionist
who doesn’t care. At all.”

And there are of course exceptions. You may encounter a receptionist who doesn’t care. At all. Then there’s a problem, they catch you at your worst, and all hell breaks loose. A two-minute disagreement with a hotel receptionist on arrival can cast a surprisingly big shadow over your holiday. I know, I’ve been there.

Anyway, you finally make it through the reception ritual, so, backing away from the desk, even more tired, you wheel your cases to the lift, lurch 10 floors into the sky and trundle all the way down a dim corridor only to discover that the plastic card has not been programmed to open the door of your room and you have to begin the reception ritual all over again.

Then, when you finally get into your room you discover two beds instead of one, or one bed instead of two, and it’s off to your friend at the desk yet again.

Now, as holiday home owner, you have a great opportunity here – a chance to shine – a chance to win several important plus-points when potential holidaymakers are thinking “holiday home versus hotel”, where they’re reaching that crucial decision on whether to stay in YOUR holiday cottage or book that boring but predictable hotel room.
Think about that hotel reception ritual for a moment. Please remember that many of your guests will be very familiar with all of this. Keep it all in mind as we turn to your OWN reception; those vital experiences that your guests feel during the first few seconds after arrival.

Here’s a great way of making sure your “reception” is spot-on:

Why not role-play your guests’ arrival? You arrive after a long and tiring journey. You walk up to that door as if for the first time. How do you feel as you approach your accommodation for the week? Imagine it’s dark and you’re trundling cases behind you. Do the wheels get stuck in a rut? Does your foot unexpectedly sink into a flowerbed or your toe stub on an unexpected plant pot?

“like the Bisto advert,
you want your guests to go

Imagine the rain pouring down (this can happen in the UK). It’s running down your back and into your holiday shoes. Can you get under cover while wrestling with that unfamiliar door lock?

And what about your “reception”? When your guests walk through that door, you need a great reaction. Not “eeeeeuuww!” Not “uuuurgh”. Not “aaaargh”. Not “pooeeey”. Not “Oh.” These things are not what you want at all. Rather, like the Bisto advert, you want your guests to go “aaaaahhhh”.

Role-play a little further now. Visualise it as a guest would, turning that key and pushing open that door for the first time. What can you see, hear, smell? On opening the door, are you hit forcefully by what seems like a century’s build-up of musty dampness? Do you stumble into a pitch-black hallway? Might you leave the warm cocoon of your car, dash inside the house only to sit for the first time on a chair that’s so cold you actually shiver? How does it make you FEEL, being treated like that?

If you were a guest, what would you think about the owner of such a place, that person who is supposed to be making a truly special holiday experience for you? How could they DO this to you? Do they even CARE now that they have your money? Unfair? Maybe. But that’s how your guests will THINK when they get a miserable reception. And that’s not all. They will also then go on to think about the plush, warm, airy feel of a four star hotel reception. You’re losing them, and they’ve only been in the house for 30 seconds!

Worse still, if your guests get off to a bad start, they’re far more likely to complain. They’ve taken against the house and they will go out of their way to find any fault they can.

It needn’t be that way. As a holiday home owner, you have many advantages. You can make your holiday home “reception” so much better than any hotel.

“mattresses as lumpy as my mother-in-law
do NOT make for a good first impression”

Remember that your guests may be tired when they arrive. Make everything EASY. Easy to find the place. Easy to park. Easy to get in. Easy to find the kettle, tea, milk, sugar. Easy to get hot water.
Drop the attitude. How would YOU feel in their shoes if the first thing you saw was a series of signs or labels beginning with the word “DON’T”? It is supposed to be their HOME! Your place may not be a hotel, but your guests expect EXCELLENT SERVICE all the same. If you MUST have signs or instructions, here’s a great tip:

Imagine you are standing in front of your guests – a bit like the hotel receptionist. Would you DARE to SAY to your guests exactly what’s on that sign, word-for-word? No? Well, perhaps you need to think along the lines of “We would be really grateful if you didn’t…” rather than “DON’T move/open/stand on/sit on/use this…” whatever.

Finally, make sure your “slump zones” are as good as they can be. You know, the places where, on arrival, your tired guests will plonk their weary bodies – BEDS and SOFAS. Sofa cushions as thin as toast and mattresses as lumpy as my mother-in-law do NOT make for a good first impression.

Get your reception right, and you are, for certain, less likely to get a complaint about something else later in the holiday, because a good first impression means that your guests are on your side, forgiving, sympathetic, HAPPY HOLIDAYMAKERS!

Join me next time for part 2 of “Holiday Home Versus Hotel”.

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Holiday Home Stars – Why I’m Doing This

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Hello My name’s Michael Harper and welcome to another edition of Holiday Home Stars Web TV.

Now today’s video is a very important one to me because I want to explain to you in just a couple of minutes WHY Holiday Home Stars exists; why I’m doing this.

You see, when I was a child, I had many really happy holidays, family holidays in cottages in Wales, and they left such an indelible imprint on my memory – such great, happy memories, you know? – that I wanted to form Holiday Home Stars and provide services to holiday home owners so that they in turn can do what they need to do in order for their guests to have some of those fantastic holidays just like I had when I was a child.

“they start to think of it
as their own
special holiday place”

Now whether the individual services that we do now accomplish that or not, you can be the judge. We can provide you with a video for example, I can interview you, you can tell me why you fell in love with the holiday property that you’ve got at the moment, what attracted you to it, why it’s the sort of place that your guests might well be able to enjoy a magical holiday, and the photos that we provide are also about capturing the very essence of your property, and helping people to visualise themselves there, helping people to anticipate a fantastic holiday there, and this is a great start for when they arrive.

And also we can provide you with an internet CCTV camera, just for a few pounds a month, and you can place it so that your guests, past and future, can see the view from your holiday property. So this gets them to really fall in love with the place, and they start to think of it as their own special holiday place and it all helps to add to the magic, to the experience.

And of course from your point of view, there are tremendous benefits, obviously. People – if they feel like that about your place – they’re going to come back for holidays each year and that’s going to help you.

Now because I want to make this really work, I’m interested in what you think; I’m interested in your views as holiday home owners so that I can really provide the services that you need, to help your guests have a really great time, so I’m really open to suggestions and feedback and all of that, because I want to make this as good as it can be so that your guests have the best possible holidays when they come to visit.

OK well that was my message for today. Please DO get in touch with me if you have ideas, feedback, suggestions, or of course if I can help you with some of the services that we provide.

Thanks very much. My name’s Michael Harper; this is Holiday Home Stars Web TV; please join me again soon.

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Holiday Cottage Internet CCTV

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Which is easier to get – a new guest or a repeat guest?

The answer, of course, is a repeat guest. They know your property, the area, and what a great time they had on their last holiday. You don’t have to “sell” the place to them – they are already on your side.

But there’s a problem.

Imagine the scene. A man and woman discuss where to go for a spring break. They remember their stay in your beautiful cottage. But they also remember their other trips and holidays.

A bit like in the X-Factor, your cottage is in a line-up with their weekend in Barcelona, their trip to the Highlands and their city break in York. Which holiday will go through to the next round – in this case the Booking Stage?!

In this scenario, your cottage needs to be implanted firmly in the minds of these past guests if you are going to be in with a chance of getting that booking.  They need to feel as if they “belong there”, as if it’s “their place”, the place they go when they want a bit of escapism. They need to be able to “see” themselves sipping a glass of wine, sitting on that seat in the garden of your place in the sun.

So how do you make sure that your holiday home stays fresh in the minds of your past guests, to maximise repeat bookings?

Well, there are several ways, but I want to share with you a really special way of bringing your cottage to the forefront of your guests’ minds when they are making that holiday decision.  It’s something different; something for the 21st century; something that WORKS.

Holiday Home Internet CCTV Camera

A Typical Holiday Home Stars internet CCTV camera for your holiday home :-)

With our little holiday cottage internet CCTV system, your guests can take a look at the view from your holiday home, over the internet, live, any time they like. Imagine, they are about to decide whether to book your cottage or a trip to Barcelona – and in an instant they can go to your web page and remind themselves of how fantastic it was to “be” at your place; and how it actually is, right now.

Now you might think, “What if it’s raining?” or “It’s winter, there are no flowers”, but actually we find that it’s the true reality check that people want –they know it’s winter and don’t expect roses and geraniums – it’s not about that, it’s about seeing the real place, there and then when they come to book – it’s extremely reassuring – it’s about maintaining that trust you have built up.  Unlike the unknown foreign hotel, your place is there, known, loved, and they can see it right now in front of them, as it is at this moment.

What we find is that people will be looking in on your cottage not just at the time of booking to get that last-minute reassurance, but also during the rest of the year – they’ll show it to their family and friends, they’ll take a quick look while having a hard day at work – and is this how you get people to join your “holiday cottage tribe”, so that when it comes to booking, they may take another quick peek at the place and then it’s off to that booking form!

For just a few pounds a month, you too can have a live holiday cottage internet CCTV camera. You could have it pointing out at the view, for example, capturing the very essence of the place – a panorama over the fields, sea, woodland, sweeping driveway, rooftops – each cottage is different and we can help you choose the right angle without invading the privacy of current guests.

Another option is not to fix the camera permanently, but to locate it temporarily, during those weeks when your property in not occupied. When you put the camera in place, you can use this “news” as a reason to contact your past guests by email to alert them to the fact that your cottage CCTV camera is “now on air”! Of course, you can also use that email to mention a special offer or other enticement – it’s all about reminding your past guests that you are there, ready and eager to welcome them back.

However you choose to do it, having an internet CCTV camera for your holiday home is a great way to get your guests involved, keep them in your “tribe” – and keep them coming back for more!

Please check out the following link for current offers on our holiday cottage CCTV package:

Or, of course, you can call me, Michael Harper, any time – the number is top-right.

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Holiday Home Stars Web TV is Launched!

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Holiday home owners – we can produce a CRACKING video to bring the best out of your holiday let and make those prospective guests press that button to book – and your video will feature FREE of charge on our brand new Holiday Home Stars Web TV channel!  See: Video Creation Service


We Can Make Your Holiday Home Video

(Video Transcript):

Hello my name’s Michael Harper. Welcome to Holiday Home Stars Web TV!

Now some of you will already know that we are in the business of making holiday home ownership a happier experience for owners, and one step further from that, we hope very much that the people who come and stay and enjoy holidays in those holiday homes have a great time too as a result of your efforts and using our services, that’s what we’re all about.

Now, we do this through branding services and digital services, but today in particular I want to talk about our video creation service, because we can produce for you a SUPERB holiday home video, and I’m not just talking about the sort of thing you maybe get from an estate agent (?!) where the camera goes from room to room and shows all of the nooks and crannies and the bits that you’d rather people didn’t see and all of that…

I’m talking about the kind of video that is really going to bring out the story of your holiday property; really capture the identity of that home and express that in such a way that potential guests will see the video and will be inspired to make that booking there and then. That’s what we’re talking about here.

Now, anybody who’s been on the internet lately will know the power of video. There’s a website, which is one of the most popular websites in the world now and there are millions and millions of videos on that site which gives you some understanding of the massive importance of video as a marketing tool, and we can help you use that tool to the very best of its advantage, we really can.

One of the things I quite like to do, for example, is to sit down and carry out an interview with the holiday home owner. So with you as owner, I will have a chat with you – a bit like Michael Parkinson only not quite as handsome – and we will bring out the story of your holiday home. So, you’ll be able to tell me what attracted you to the property; why you bought it; why you like to invite guests into your home and what makes the place so really special, you know, what makes the area really special. So we’ll be able to get that across to your potential guests.

As you can imagine, most people who own holiday homes don’t do this yet – they don’t “get it” yet, and that is a great opportunity because if you get a video NOW, it will put you way ahead of the competition because let’s face it, a lot of your competition, they haven’t even got a decent set of photos yet, never mind video, so imagine the power of this as a marketing tool.

Now, the reason I’m making this video, right now today, is because we have just launched our own Web TV channel, Holiday Home Stars Web TV. It’s a great channel, it’s going to feature all kinds of information for holiday home owners and guests, but more than that, if you come to us for your holiday home video, your property will feature on our Web TV channel, and this is all included in the price, we don’t charge anything extra for this – it’s something no-one else is doing, so this is something that really can give you that huge boost and get you some more bookings right now.

So, please do come to the website,, go to the video page, find out what we’re all about, and then, if you want to be featured on Holiday Home Stars Web TV, if you want to really boost your bookings, then please do contact me now, because we haven’t got a huge number of slots on the TV channel; as you can imagine, it’s a limited resource, so if you want to get on there, then now is the time to do it.

OK thanks for watching, my name’s Michael Harper from Holiday Home Stars Web TV and I hope you’ll join me again soon.


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Sky Sports in Your Holiday Home, No Contract, No Dish

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Just a quick tip, in case you missed it – if you have internet at your holiday home, your guests can now go online and buy a 24-hour pass to Sky Sports, delivered over the internet to the guests’ or your computer.
Here is an article that explains it in more detail:

Now, the pay-as-you-go offer by Sky sounds extortionate at £9.99 for just 24 hours of Sky Sports viewing, and if you are at home in your normal routine, I agree. But put yourselves in the shoes of your holidaymakers. They are in holiday mood, and more likely to “treat themselves”.  If there happens to be an important match on Sky during their holiday, £9.99 to watch it in the comfort of your holiday home will not be an issue.

This deal is only one of the options on Now TV, which is what Sky calls its service over the internet.  Your guests can also go online to subscribe to Sky Movies for a pay-as-you-go rate of £15 per month, and they may even be able to get a free trial.

The great thing about this, from your point of view as a holiday rental owner, is that your guests basically sign up for this over the internet and all you need to do is provide the internet connection and a quick guide on how to do it.  You don’t need to have a dish or any other special equipment installed in order for your guests to get Sky. There’s another bonus if you dislike Sky as a company as much as I do – doing it this way means that your guests become Sky’s customers – you as owner don’t have anything to do with Sky.

The other great thing about this is that it’s another way of giving your guests what will make them happy, and happy guests are more likely to come back! It’s not for everyone, but it’s another amenity; an option for those who want it.

Isn’t it great that even without a dish or a contract, you can now put in your Customer Information Pack, and advertise on your website and in your listing, that you have Sky available?

More details here:



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Happy Holidaymakers

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Our stated purpose at Holiday Home Stars is to make holiday home ownership a pleasure, in other words to generate a bit of extra happiness for holiday home owners.

But what about the ultimate customer in the chain – the holidaymaker?

I had many happy holidays in holiday cottages as a child, and because of this I’ve designed services for the holiday let industry to help you as an owner to make your guests happy.

However, if I interviewed an owner and insisted on an honest answer to the question, “What is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT reason WHY you invite guests into your property?”, these are typical answers I might get. Remember, the question is about the ONE most important reason why:

1. To generate income to offset the running costs of my holiday home.
2. To generate profit purely as a business venture.
3. To provide wonderful/happy/special (etc.) holidays for my guests.

OK, so generating income is an essential part of the equation, and I would say that most people, if asked for the top TWO reasons, would include number 1 or 2 (or something along those lines), which are about money. But the point of the above list is to discover what comes FIRST in your mind as an owner – the top reason why you let your property.

Is YOUR top reason number 3?

If so, I am very happy for you, because you realise that, as in many businesses, doing what seems to be the obvious thing and thinking about the monetary goals FIRST is, ironically, very often NOT the best way to achieve those goals. Choosing number 3 shows that you understand the importance of thinking FIRST about the needs and wants and desires and dreams of your potential holidaymakers, and that in doing so, success will likely follow.

So why is this the best route to success?  Well, it’s because number 3 stands for really, truly, genuinely taking the time and trouble to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and build an understanding of what makes them tick and what will help to make their holidays really special. And of course, if you make their holidays really special, they will come back, they will spread the word – and guess what – you will have so much more success than all of those “me-too” owners who focus on the same old tired, out-dated formulas so that the only way they can really get enough bookings is by competing on price, which can of course be a dangerous downward spiral.

Here at Holiday Home Stars, we want to support you if you put number 3 at the top of your list. In other words if you truly, genuinely want to create happy holidays for your guests, we want to give you the services to make it happen. If you “get this”, we want to work with you. 

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Holiday Home VIP Branding Packages

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Holiday Home Branding Services VIP Pricing

VIP Branding Packages – click to enlarge

Today we’re really excited here in the Holiday Home Stars office because from today we know we can make UK holiday home owners even happier, for even less money!

We’re launching three new packages aimed at holiday let owners who are eager to get more bookings, appreciate star treatment – and have an eye for a really good deal!

Instead of buying our branding services individually, you can now choose the VIP Silver Package, the VIP Gold Package or the VIP Platinum Package, depending on your budget and needs.

Each package offers a dramatic saving on our individual branding services. With the Holiday Home VIP Platinum Package, our flagship offering, you save a massive £180, but even with the Silver Package – offering a choice of any three branding services, you save AT LEAST £70, and as much as £120, paying £227 for services that sell separately for as much as £347!

You may be thinking, “How CAN they afford to do it?”

Well, we can afford to give you this saving because when we visit your property, it takes time and of course money because of transport costs, so by combining, say, a Web TV video shoot with a photo shoot, and maybe taking measurements for a Floor Plan or Access Statement, means that we save a big chunk of those pesky travel costs – and we genuinely pass that saving straight to you.

…your own holiday home is featured on
Holiday Home Stars Web TV –
our very own TV channel!

Of course, if you still want to buy individual services, that’s great! They all cost £99 apart from the Web TV Video Shoot which costs £149 – great value compared to our competitors – because remember, with Holiday Home Stars you get not only a fantastic professional video, but also your own holiday home is featured on Holiday Home Stars Web TV – our very own TV channel!

If you’re reading this and you’ve not quite made your mind up whether to join our happy tribe, please remember that the sooner we start working for you, the better. We’re easy to get on with, house-trained and professional.

Just think – with a very modest investment in your holiday home’s branding, you will soon have those guests flooding in, even during those tricky shoulder months.

(Prices correct at the time of writing – please check current pricing.)

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Why Your Holiday Home MUST Have WIFI

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If you are a holiday home owner and you’re wondering whether you really do need WIFI (wireless internet), or whether it’s all a load of… hype, then this article is just for you.

Here you can read what happened to other holiday let owners after they installed WIFI, and also get the expert view of an industry insider:

All quotes courtesy of, the leading holiday let owners’ forum.

Owners’ comments regarding WIFI:

“We had it last year for the first time and had a 95% take up on its use.”

“One of the best decisions we made was to install Wi-Fi. I email every guest 2 days after arrival to check everything is OK and 75% reply so it gets good use. Looking back at enquiries & bookings, there was in increase in both after installing it about 12 months ago.”

“From chatting to guests we know of a number of bookings we’ve had where no WiFi would’ve been a deal-breaker”

“We wouldn’t book somewhere without WiFi…to us it’s more important than the TV.”

Charles Cawley, an industry insider of, has this to say about WIFI:

“WiFi will become as essential as Television.”
“We reckon it is worth about 3-5 bookings a year for our average member’s holiday let.”

“I can see WiFi becoming an absolute necessity for profitable business in the next one or two years.”

So there we have it, from the horses’ mouths!

Given that you could be losing bookings without WIFI, why not do something about it while it’s fresh in your mind?  I’m here to help if you need me.

Michael, Holiday Home Stars


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UK Holiday Home WIFI – Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the difference between broadband and WIFI?

A. Broadband is a term used for a fast connection from a property to the internet. This can be through your phone line or the mobile phone network or even via satellite. Broadband comes into your property to a box known as a modem/router. A few years ago, a cable had to be connected from the modem/router to each computer, but WIFI means that these cables are not needed – computers connect to the modem/router wirelessly, which is very convenient if you have people all over the house who want to use the internet, and also cheaper because you don’t need to install the cables.

Q I have no landline in the property. How much will it cost to get one?

A. Deals come and go all the time, but it usually costs less than £60 to get a phone line installed – if you’re really lucky, you might get it free in return for signing up to broadband.

Q. I have a landline in the property already. How much will it cost for broadband?

A. Not a lot. Maybe £15-£20 per month will get you holiday home WIFI, plus the cost of any equipment you need. You may only need a modem/router, which costs about £50 or if you’re really lucky your broadband supplier will give you one for free. What’s tricky is choosing a good deal with a reputable supplier, because they are often not what they seem. Just like when buying a pair of shoes, cheapest is not always the best option. I’ll help you find a good one if you like – just contact me.

Q. I have no landline and I ain’t paying for one either.

A. How quaint. It’s no problem though, because these days you can have mobile broadband. You have a little box similar to a modem/router that connects to the internet by using the mobile phone networks (known as 3g internet). As with a “normal” modem/router, several people can connect wirelessly at the same time. Mobile broadband costs very little money these days – from about £50 for the box and as little as £15 per month for the internet access. Did you know – some holiday home owners choose mobile broadband even though they have a landline, because you can “pay as you go” for the amount of data rather than per month, which reduces the cost when your holiday home is unoccupied.

Q. I have seen these USB dongles – do you recommend them?

A. They’re OK, but the problem with USB dongles is that you cannot easily connect a smart phone to them and you can only connect one computer at a time. We have found a much better option – a little modem/router that has a SIM card inside it, and can be accessed via WIFI by several guests at once in your holiday home – just like a normal broadband modem/router, but using the mobile network instead of a landline.

Q. If I go for internet via the mobile phone network, which network does the modem/router connect to, because there is no Vodafone signal at my holiday home?

A. I’d use a box (3g modem/router) that can connect to any one of the mobile networks, depending on what SIM card is in it.  So, you just get a SIM card for a network that works at your property.

Q. If my guests want the internet, they’ve all got these iPhones now – why can’t they just use those?

A. It’s because many people pay more money the more they use the internet by connecting via their mobile phones – and it’s often not cheap. They would not have to worry about running up their mobile phone bill for internet access at home, and they don’t want that worry whilst in your holiday property either. Also, if you have landline broadband in your holiday home, this is usually faster than the connection they can get on their phones, and speed is important if you’re watching a video, playing online computer games or listening to music.

Q. I think my guests should “get away from it all” and forget about email and internet while they are on holiday, so they can really relax.  So why would I want WIFI?

A. All I can say is this – it may be a good idea to let your guests decide what they prefer. The reality is that most people want or even need to access the internet at least now and then while they are away. You can always give the choice of having your holiday home WIFI switched off, when confirming the booking.

Q. If, say, I used a company to do this for me, would I have to delve into the technical side of things, because I am to technology what a bull is to a red rag?

A. I cannot speak for other companies but in our case, please, do not worry. Holiday Home Stars has the technical side covered. We find you the right service and the right equipment, and we set it all up for you. You don’t even need to explain anything to your guests because we prepare a lovely little info sheet for them!

Q. Well Mr Holiday Home Stars man, you seem to be offering a lot of help here.  How much do you charge for all this hard work if I come to you?

A. It’s a fair question and the name’s Michael. We charge a flat fee of £99 for sorting out WIFI for your holiday home. We work hard for our money: we help you decide on the best options, organise the equipment, prepare a guest information pack and come to your property to get everything up and running. Phew!

If this is something you need for your holiday home, please visit the Holiday Home Stars WIFI page for more details, then you can always contact us to arrange WIFI in your holiday home.
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