A Photo Set to Charm the Pants off Your Future Guests

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Uninspiring Holiday Home

Not a happy holiday home.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and we all know that when people see your holiday home ad or your website, they look at the photos first. And unfortunately for many holiday home owners, that’s as far as they get. Often, those photos are all it takes for your potential booker, in about a second or less, to reject your property and move on.

Does your holiday home look like yet another “house next door”? Are you portraying a “me too” image, complying with the same tired old formulas that make your home look just like the other 20 on the listings page? Worse still, are your photos grey and lifeless? Or are you making one or more of the common mistakes that can trigger that “rejection” decision in an instant.

“Would YOU want to spend
your precious holiday in
suburbia on a bad day?”

Many people, and I am one of them, will go no further if the photo set does not inspire me. Let’s face it, would YOU want to spend your precious holiday in suburbia on a bad day?

If your photos fail the test, your potential holidaymakers will never even read about your amazing amenities, your lovely location or your warm welcome, because they will simply move on to the next property, taking their precious holiday money with them.

You don’t want that, and I don’t want that for you.

As you will know, people want and need a dream; a vision of a golden holiday, sunny days, laughter.  My mission is to craft a photo set that creates that dream, a photo set that’s so captivating, so inspirational, that it will charm the pants off your potential guests before they read one single word of your advertising copy! Then, when your guests move on to read the words, they will already be sold, and they will be simply looking for confirmation that the home they have already fallen in love with meets their practical needs.

Technical excellence is important when producing photos, but this is something that just about any photographer can get right. What makes Holiday Home Stars different is that we take some time to understand the spirit of your holiday home, and to make sure that its unique identity is reflected in your photo set.

With a Holiday Home Stars photo set, your holiday home will never, ever, look like the “house next door”.

Here is what we will do:

Before the shoot, we agree a date and time when the home is available and cleaned.  This also gives you an opportunity to obtain props such as food, drink & flowers – and do any minor decorative work for example. We’ll advise you what works.

On the day, I will visit your property, get “into the groove” and spend a little time understanding what makes your holiday home unique. I’ll then create as many photos as we need to get across the story of your property in pictures. For most homes the final set will be maybe 10 or 20 photos, but some properties need more; some less.  I don’t apply any limit, it depends on the property. It really is better to have eight stunning photos than 30 warts-and-all shots. I bring a laptop with me too, so I can view the photos in detail there and then. This ensures that if a photo is not up to scratch, I can re-take it on the day without you having to fit in another visit. For an average property, ideally I ask for at least two hours but it can take longer – we’ll work it out beforehand.

Later, back at base, I’ll edit, enhance and compile the photos into the finished photo set for you. After that, you can use the photos on your own website and on any of the holiday listing sites. And of course, if you need us to create a happy Holiday Home Stars website for your property, or you need some professional advertising copy to really tell the story of your holiday home, we can help with that too – and please remember that we charge NOTHING up-front for our websites; it’s pay-as-you-go, just a modest monthly subscription.

You can make a start right now by contacting me.


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