Why Your Holiday Home MUST Have Its Own GREAT Website

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Think your holiday home doesn’t need its own website? Think yours is good enough? Please read on…

I cannot stress how important it is to have a great website for your holiday home. Not just any old website either. A badly-crafted website can actually do more harm than NO website. So what you really need these days, if you’re serious about maximising occupancy rates, is a GREAT website.

Now you may be thinking, “WHY exactly do I need my own website when the big listing sites show all the details of my holiday home?” Well, for one thing, it’s about trust. People buy from people they trust. These days, people WILL check you out – they’ve heard the horror stories and they want to get an accurate impression of who they’re handing over their money to and what sort of place they’re committing their valuable holiday time to.

‘NO up-front costs
for designing and building your website’

The first thing people will do, way before booking, is to check out your holiday property’s own website. They want to know how serious you are about going that extra mile. They want to know WHO is behind the property and whether they “look” the part. They don’t want to deal with amateurs. They want a safe transaction and a happy holiday.

Rosemary Cottage, Ty Rhos Mair, Gilfachreda

Rosemary Cottage, “Ty Rhos Mair”, Gilfachreda photo © Copyright Rod Attrill and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

And that’s only the first box you need to tick.

Once it has established trust, your website needs to show that your holiday home ticks all of the other boxes too.

Your website can destroy any chance of making a good impression within seconds. A couple of amateur photos or a few carelessly written words – and it’s goodbye guests forever. But a well-crafted website is your chance not only to build trust, but to really give people the vision to see themselves in your holiday property, having a great holiday, “living the dream”. In short, your website is your chance to move those prospective guests into booking mode!

As you may have already read on this website, we can help you to showcase your holiday let with words, photos and video to add to your own existing website.  But if you want to really go that extra mile, for a very small monthly cost you can give your holiday home its very own vibrant, up-to-the-minute website that will make a great impression on your visitors.

‘we don’t do the
“hit and run”

With Holiday Home Stars, there are NO up-front costs for designing and building your website, we simply charge a modest monthly subscription, and in that way you have our support on an on-going basis, to make sure your website is always up and running, fresh and up-to-date.  Unlike traditional “web design” companies, we don’t do the “hit and run” approach, leaving you with an out-of-date website that cannot be changed.

Your Holiday Home Stars Website

You can showcase your property in words, pictures and video, and we can help with all of these elements. More than this, your website is totally under your control. With a Holiday Home Stars website, you can log in at any time and add new content as you go along.

  • Latest Offers – If you have last-minute availability unexpectedly, simply log into your website and put up an offer, explaining why the particular time of year is to wonderful at the property!
  • Local Events – Write a paragraph or two on a forthcoming local event that your guests might be interested in. Share a few stories; bring it to life.
  • Your News – Use your website to bring the human element to your property. Add your own newsworthy photos in a few clicks. (In this day and age it’s really important to have a website with some fresh content if you want to get noticed. But don’t worry if you really don’t have the time or inclination to add to your website as you go along, because, with a short brief from you and at minimal cost, we can write your website updates for you if you prefer.)

If you have any doubts or worries about your existing website, for example if it’s difficult to add your own fresh content or if the words are not as captivating as they need to be, then please ask me RIGHT NOW to take a look at it, with no obligation. You’ll get an honest opinion (that’s how I work). Remember, you really could be losing business with each day that passes, so if you have a minute, please call or email now.

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