The Story of your Holiday Home

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These days, with short attention spans and busy lives, your holiday home’s web page or listing has to stand out, immediately.  If it doesn’t, your potential guests won’t even click. If they don’t click, you won’t get the chance to arouse their interest. If you don’t arouse their interest, you won’t get their bookings.

Don’t worry – I can help you with this! I’ll help you to reveal the true identity of your holiday home – to tell its unique story so that it immediately catches the imagination of your potential holidaymakers as soon as they see your own web page or your listing on the major holiday home websites. I’ll do everything I can to make sure those web visitors click on YOUR property first, read that story, fall in love, and make that booking.

The Old Manor Hadzor

The Old Manor Hadzor, photo © Copyright Christine Johnstone and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

I’ll give you some explosive advertising copy that will take your holiday home to the next level. No longer will it just be a case of “three beds, one living room”. Your home will have a true identity that your guests, past and future, will fall in love with. I’ll give you a longer version of the text for your website (typically 500-1000 words depending on the property), and a shorter version suitable for the listing sites.

Of course, I don’t build this unique brand just through words alone.  As you can see from the other sections under Brand Creation, I have a whole range of tools and techniques at my fingertips: enchanting photo sets full of colour and vitality; videos that will really bring your home to life, not to mention more practical aids such as translation into other languages; access statements and informative, professional floor plans – a fully comprehensive basket of branding services to maximise your chances of attracting attention and getting that booking.

With so much competition, it’s more important than ever to make your holiday home stand out with its own truly unique brand. I can do that for you, and there’s no time like the present.  Please call me or send a message now.

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