Floor Plans – This is Why You Must Have One

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So why would you want a floor plan?

Well, it’s all about visualisation. It’s generally accepted that if you can’t visualise something, you can’t or won’t do it. This certainly applies to holiday accommodation, where a great deal of the decision-making energy is focused on imagining what it will be like to be on holiday in the property being looked at.

Really seeing themselves in your holiday home is for most potential bookers a vital step, conscious or sub-conscious, that has to be taken before they will allow themselves to make the booking.

So, a big part of your holiday home website’s job is to make it easy for your guests to visualise themselves in your property – and that’s where floor plans come in. Here, for example, is the floor plan for a quaint little 250-year-old cottage in Shropshire – this is the ground floor:

Floorplan Shropshire Holiday Cottage Ground Floor

A floor plan like the one shown here enables your potential holidaymaker to walk, in his or her mind’s eye, around your property, going from room to room, lying on the bed, sitting on the sofa, sipping a gin & tonic at the table in the garden.

You may be thinking that your amazing professional holiday home photos will do that.

Well, to an extent, yes, but whereas photos each showcase a certain part of the property, the floor plan shows the full picture – it puts the photos into context and brings all of the parts of the story of your holiday home together into one beautifully-packaged product.

Floorplan Shropshire Holiday Cottage First Floor

Floor Plan: the first floor of a charming cottage in Shropshire


Another important reason to have a floor plan is that you can include it in your Access Statement for people with mobility problems. Please see our Access Statement page – we can help you by taking away the hard work of preparing that very important document.

More and more people are realising the value of floor plans in maximising bookings, and yet so few still have them, that right now they can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Even your competitors who have floor plans may have unwittingly fallen for the following pitfalls:

  1. Poor quality software was used to generate the floor plan, so it looks unimpressive and not the sort of place people want to dream about visiting.
  2. The owner has taken the cheaper “do-it-yourself” approach, which is perfectly fine if they happened to have the skill set and the time to make a professional job of it, which takes some hours, but not so good if they have cobbled something together that looks amateur and uninviting.

Here at Holiday Home Stars, we can make sure you don’t fall victim to those problems. We use one of the world-leading floor planning packages to craft your bespoke plan, so quality is not an issue. And because this is “our thing”, we take time to give you the service you are paying for and produce a lovely little plan for you.

You might also be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can get a top-quality floor plan for a very reasonable amount of money:


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